Aneeza Ejaz

A multifarious designer and naturally gifted craftswomen who holds an impressive portfolio of work, Aneeza studied art and design subjects to degree level at the University of the Arts London formally known as the London Institute.

She enhanced her skills further by learning more about techniques used in textiles and jewelry whilst in south and far east Asia and further learnt about leatherware in Italy. This enabled her to acquire techniques from talented and skilled craftspeople, exchanging and combining modern technological advances in design and art mediums with ancient skills and disciplines tried and tested.

Aneeza’s work is beautifully and carefully designed paying particular attention to detail and using only the best quality materials and components sourced through an extensive process.

As well as form and beauty the purpose of function and substance are also important in Aneeza’s work. She has a passion to explore other areas and aspects of design and art such as product design, industrial design and graphic design and incorporates elements of this in her work.

Aneeza has also created a range of jewelry and accessories called Papilio whilst executing cutting edge pieces and projects for high profile clients.

Aneeza now operates her business between London and Italy and works amongst a strong team of creatives and visionaries. She continues to design her own range of accessories while executing new and innovative projects.


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